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                      Congratulate Hubei Macro Rubber Co. Ltd. successfully launched the website!

                      Hubei MacroRubber rubber&plastic Co., LTD


                      Mobile:15972049789                   Fax:0712-8378792


                      Add:Jiebo Industrial Park, No.1 Beiqiao  Industrial Zone,Hanchuan,China(432300)

                      廠區 (1).jpgHubei Macro rubber&plastic Co., LTD is located in Hanchuan City, Hubei Province, North Industrial Zone No. 1 clean Wave Industrial Park, is a set of rubber products research and development, manufacturing and sales as one of the research and production of professional enterprises. The main products include all kinds of material of rubber compound, rubber and plastic molding products (seals, door, Jian Zhenjian), rubber extruder product (foam, compacting plastic....

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                      Tel: 15972049789 Add:Hubei Province, North Industrial Zone No. 1 clean Wave Industrial Park